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Top Innovation Conferences Taking Place This Year

The leaders in business and other fields gather at innovation conferences to share their ideas with others. It’s a great opportunity for people to learn about new ideas and future trends. Here are some of the major innovation conferences you can attend this year.

The Innovation & Impact Summit

Date: 26 – 28 April 2022

Place: Stockholm, Sweden

This event invites leaders from some of the best universities and policymakers as well. Researchers and company leaders who are shaping the business world will be speaking at the event. Discussions will include creating a positive environment for innovation, the importance of investment, and similar topics.

Data Innovation Summit 2022

Date: 5-6 May’2022

Place: Stockholm, Sweden

By attending this event, you can learn about new ideas that can give you high ROI. The event gathers innovative minds who can share their knowledge and ideas with you. There will be discussions on Big Data, AI, and other related topics that can transform the business environment.

Innovation Roundtable Summit Spring 22

Date: 10-12 May 2022

Place: Copenhagen, Denmark

About 250 companies from different industries will be attending the event. There will be over 600 innovators present, which will give you a unique opportunity to learn about innovation in different fields. There will be roundtable discussions and presentations related to innovation.

Gartner Application Innovation & Business Solutions Summit

Date: 16-17 May 2022

Place: Virtual

Advancement in technology helps leaders to deal with changes taking place around us. Innovative software can become the catalyst of business change. These can help to get better business outcomes.

At this conference, you will learn about software engineering leadership, application strategy, artificial intelligence, emerging technologies, and related topics.

The conference will encourage the business leaders to develop application strategies for better and faster business outcomes. You can get access to more than 65 sessions of the latest research by attending this event.

These conferences will help you to unleash your imagination and creativity that you can later apply in your work. You get a great networking opportunity with some of the best innovators.